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“Real is Rare”

Be with someone who makes you a priority. Be with someone who isn’t afraid to show you off to the world because they are proud of you, proud to be with you, proud to be yours. Be with someone who gives you the time of day when you need it, especially at your worst because ‘if they can’t handle you at your worst, they don’t deserve you at your best, said Marilyn Monroe. Be with someone that will share their struggles with you and help carry your extra baggage. Be with someone who will open doors for you, but not just literal doors but figurative ones, too; maybe even windows of opportunities as well. Be with someone who will feed you whether it be your stomach, your heart, your mind, or your body. Be with someone who is passionate and kind. Be with someone who shows and tells their appreciation for you every chance they get. Be with someone who is selfless, patient, righteous and understanding. Be with someone who can walk beside you, guide you and/or follow you. Be with someone who is your critic, your fan, your role model and/or inspiration, and your best friend. Be with someone with a good mind and a positive energy; they will give you light at your darkest moments and they will strengthen your spirits when you’re at your lowest. Be with someone who won’t compete with you, but treats you like an equal. Be with someone that gives you your wants and, most importantly, your needs. Be with someone who is the first thing you think of when you wake up and the last thing you think of before you sleep. Be with someone you can explore new cities with and try new things with because they, like the life you both share, have become your adventure. Be with someone who looks at you and you can see the love in their eyes or their smile or in all of their body language. Be with someone you see yourself building a future with. Be with someone who ultimately makes you better but disagrees and tells you that it is really you that ultimately makes them better.

I wrote this quite a while back. Today, I was reading over old entries in my journals and it was one of the first things I opened up to. This may ring quite true for many. I guess we all look for that perfect thing but, in reality, we will realize when we come across something real how good that real thing is. You really, honestly, do feel it. A feeling as such is usually unexplainable, although most times we try to rationalize and make sense of it. It feels euphoric as fuck, excuse my language, but it’s true! When you come across this feeling with someone, you really can’t fight it. It’s real and real is rare. That’s become such a motto for me on more levels than one, but mainly to describe my relationships with people and to describe my own personality as an individual. That is who I am. I know am a unique individual with a big heart, never afraid to express it. So, I write shit like this and get really guppy and sappy over sweet things. The human nature to feel love and give love is so enlightening; sharing it with others is a profound experience to have in life. I hope that if you are reading this, you, too, may experience such wonderful feelings of joy and warmth.

Peace in Mind

Often times, we are looking for a piece of mind but forget the peace in minding…

The peace in minding ourselves before anyone else.

Before we can share happiness with others, we have to find happiness in ourselves. We cannot be burdened in trying to please those around us when we are not at least content with ourselves.

This week, I have had one too many conversations with friends in which I emphasized how important it is to strive for positivity in our singular lives before attracting and sharing the good energy  onto others. People tend to easily forget their own importance and, thus, forget their own purpose.

Don’t lose your way, my friends.

Remember to keep yourself in mind because you matter too.

You cannot take care of anyone else if you cannot take care of yourself. 


The blacker the berry,
The sweeter the juice.
The nectar of your love,
Deep, deep in your roots.

Sweet soul to taste
With rare bitters in between.
None go to waste
Not even what’s unseen.

With my lips,
I dirtily soil.
My eyes undress you,
My plans uncoil.

The blacker the berry,
The sweeter the juice.
Let me be your soil,
In me, plant your roots.

“They Are Yours”

A smile.
A name.
A heart.

All the same,
They are yours.

My happiness.
My love.

All the same,
They are yours.

Love is such a hard, true thing to find and share with someone. But to be lucky and have something so significant and shared is a blessing all by itself without a definition to pursue the truth. In itself, it is defined by the actions and words between beings. No more, no less. The truth is there laying before you and there really is no need to look elsewhere than that. Love just simply is.

“No Less Are You Worth It”

I want to love without question.
I want to question without doubt.
I want my doubts put to rest.
And I want you to put them out.

 I want us to be honest.
I want word for word to be real.
I want the trust to exist
And be something we both feel.

I want the security and assurance,
The simple things and the comfort.
I want it all and everything in between,
Even if sometimes it may hurt.

We might say things we don’t mean.
We especially might not be perfect.
We will have our anxieties,
But no less will I think you’re worth it.

Everything that I want,
I want to share it with you.
If you let my heart and mind be open
I can show you what they can do.

I can love you with everything I have.
I can love you in gestures big and small.
I can love you in happiness, sadness, or anger.
I can love you with three words or with none at all.

One day we may hurt,
And the next day we may make up.
But, there is never a day I’ll choose anyone else
Or lose sight of why I fell in love.

We might say things we don’t mean.
We especially might not be perfect.
We will have our anxieties,
But no less will I think you’re worth it.