To construct my words
Of which I cannot bite
I am taking breaths
Every second in sight

Tongues tied so true
I stutter and trip
Under some spell
Lash after lash
Of whip after whip

 I sonder
I pace

I cannot recall
A fate of love
With a most passionate fall


Peace in Mind

Often times, we are looking for a piece of mind but forget the peace in minding…

The peace in minding ourselves before anyone else.

Before we can share happiness with others, we have to find happiness in ourselves. We cannot be burdened in trying to please those around us when we are not at least content with ourselves.

This week, I have had one too many conversations with friends in which I emphasized how important it is to strive for positivity in our singular lives before attracting and sharing the good energy  onto others. People tend to easily forget their own importance and, thus, forget their own purpose.

Don’t lose your way, my friends.

Remember to keep yourself in mind because you matter too.

You cannot take care of anyone else if you cannot take care of yourself. 

“They Are Yours”

A smile.
A name.
A heart.

All the same,
They are yours.

My happiness.
My love.

All the same,
They are yours.

Love is such a hard, true thing to find and share with someone. But to be lucky and have something so significant and shared is a blessing all by itself without a definition to pursue the truth. In itself, it is defined by the actions and words between beings. No more, no less. The truth is there laying before you and there really is no need to look elsewhere than that. Love just simply is.