“Lullaby Lies”

A mad soliloquy
Dances idly
Sending shivers
Sending silence
In a train on an island

Noses poking
Ears soaking
Sounds of words
Reaped by a heart broken

Dying light
Shaded sight
Absinthe colored gleaming night
Reddened eyes with surprise
Lullabies laid over sweet lies



“Just Maybe”

Maybe he’ll say ‘hello’ or ‘hi’.
Maybe he’ll hurt with every goodbye.
Maybe he’ll call me.
And maybe he won’t…

But cosmically, none of this matters
If he does or he don’t.

Picking up poetry from Tumblr. Reposting here so that I can transfer it over and have one less forum to worry about since I just added Twitter to the plate, again. Kind of excited to be instantaneously posting poetry on-the-go, though! Looking forward to sharing my deepest thoughts with you in real time, soon.


So about this poem, not sure when I wrote it but can you tell, there’s a little heartache there? I guess I have gone through my fair share and enough of the experience to have writing about it, lol. Here’s a bit of a piece where there are dueling emotions regarding getting attention from someone. At the end of this poem, the subject just decides it doesn’t matter. Or maybe that it shouldn’t? Wondering so deep about the feelings of someone else; well, when in doubt, get out. That’s the best bet in saving one from a grueling heartache of uncertainties, etc. I like that I wrote this poem to rhyme the way it does. Pat on the back for me. Hope you all like this one. It’s just short and sweet. 


More reposts from Tumblr, coming soon! 

“No Less Are You Worth It”

I want to love without question.
I want to question without doubt.
I want my doubts put to rest.
And I want you to put them out.

 I want us to be honest.
I want word for word to be real.
I want the trust to exist
And be something we both feel.

I want the security and assurance,
The simple things and the comfort.
I want it all and everything in between,
Even if sometimes it may hurt.

We might say things we don’t mean.
We especially might not be perfect.
We will have our anxieties,
But no less will I think you’re worth it.

Everything that I want,
I want to share it with you.
If you let my heart and mind be open
I can show you what they can do.

I can love you with everything I have.
I can love you in gestures big and small.
I can love you in happiness, sadness, or anger.
I can love you with three words or with none at all.

One day we may hurt,
And the next day we may make up.
But, there is never a day I’ll choose anyone else
Or lose sight of why I fell in love.

We might say things we don’t mean.
We especially might not be perfect.
We will have our anxieties,
But no less will I think you’re worth it.


“Two Wrongs”

Everything I ever said,
All the things I’ve ever done
Was dictated by you alone,
You, my only one.

We can’t blame anyone else for our shortcomings.
They are ours, uniquely our own.
Two wrongs don’t make a right,
So neither of us gets to throw the first stone.