Out Of My Element

I am out of my element and I have to adjust.

But just do not be surprised when I talk less and find myself more distant than usual because it is just a part of the process and I do not think you will understand.

In layman’s terms…

I am feeling the introvert come out of me.

Isn’t that some irony?

“Lullaby Lies”

A mad soliloquy
Dances idly
Sending shivers
Sending silence
In a train on an island

Noses poking
Ears soaking
Sounds of words
Reaped by a heart broken

Dying light
Shaded sight
Absinthe colored gleaming night
Reddened eyes with surprise
Lullabies laid over sweet lies


Zara: Spring/Summer 2017 (Part 2)

Like I said…

Giving. Me. Life.

Zara’s Spring/Summer line is everything and more. Key things to remember this season would be: tulle, fringes/ruffles, off-the-shoulder, embroidery, and blue and yellow or anything colorful (not neon but natural shades of a color to pastel, and nothing darker than navy or maroon unless it is black).

I need to pop in a Zara store or find some natural treasures thrifting. 

Surely a thrift store will have affordable looks that match this seasons’ trends.

Zara: Spring/Summer 2017 (Part 1)

If you have not seen Zara’s collection of bags for Spring/Summer 2017 yet, well, let me tell you that…

It. Gave. Me. Life.

Their bags are fun, colorful, and quintessential to putting together a nice spring/summer outfit. The fashion gods are really testing me right now. I want a new bag, so bad.


To construct my words
Of which I cannot bite
I am taking breaths
Every second in sight

Tongues tied so true
I stutter and trip
Under some spell
Lash after lash
Of whip after whip

 I sonder
I pace

I cannot recall
A fate of love
With a most passionate fall