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The Girl Who Always Could

I am good.

I am great.

I am better than you say.

Self-doubt will not mirror me today.

I am kind.

I am strong.

I am everything but wrong.

Self-doubt will not ruin my song.

I sing.

I dance.

I am living with a purpose.

I am living to take a chance.

I see myself as I should,

The girl who always could.


The purpose that belies your iridescence
Represents the candor of your faith.
Against every pull of gravity,
And against every pull of weight,
With bare hands,
You touch hands of Grace.

As fearlessness drives your will to strive,
A card dealt by demons sets you straight
To look into impatient eyes
And a heart that fails escape.

But, adversity to advantage you seek.
Weeping at the losses that pose you weak,
But only to set eyes on change
What once was a downfall
Has now become a peak.