Zara: Spring/Summer 2017 (Part 2)

Like I said…

Giving. Me. Life.

Zara’s Spring/Summer line is everything and more. Key things to remember this season would be: tulle, fringes/ruffles, off-the-shoulder, embroidery, and blue and yellow or anything colorful (not neon but natural shades of a color to pastel, and nothing darker than navy or maroon unless it is black).

I need to pop in a Zara store or find some natural treasures thrifting. 

Surely a thrift store will have affordable looks that match this seasons’ trends.


Zara: Spring/Summer 2017 (Part 1)

If you have not seen Zara’s collection of bags for Spring/Summer 2017 yet, well, let me tell you that…

It. Gave. Me. Life.

Their bags are fun, colorful, and quintessential to putting together a nice spring/summer outfit. The fashion gods are really testing me right now. I want a new bag, so bad.

Snapchat #2: Layering The Details

I don’t think I have layered outfits better than I did while I was in New York.

There was something about actually putting the time and effort into my outfits there, that I never quite do here in SoCal. Here in SoCal, I can basically go the whole day in some athleisure wear. Sweats, baseball cap, and jacket – call it a day.

Could it be the more laid back atmosphere? Or, could it be the dumbed down weather? I don’t know. I have always liked putting effort into the outfits I choose to wear when I go out, but I guess I definitely pulled off a lot while in New York. From different textures to mixing different colors. It was all very interesting to see that side of me and I got quite a few compliments out of it.

Here’s one of my favorite outfits from my New York trip. Something really casual. And here’s the break down:

Jeans are Forever21 boyfriend jeans from 2-3 years ago
Mustard short turtleneck is from H&M ’14-’15 fall/winter season.
Plaid button up is from the $2 Clothing Store in WeHo.
Levis denim jacket is from Awoke Vintage in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
Boots are from Nordstrom Rack.
Wool socks are from WalMart.

Other accessories:
Stud earrings from Swarovski.
Calvin Klein messenger from Beacon’s Closet, Brooklyn.

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