“Song for You” – Donny Hathaway


A Good Thing

Acknowledge the good things in we because it is in us where I wanna be.


The purpose that belies your iridescence
Represents the candor of your faith.
Against every pull of gravity,
And against every pull of weight,
With bare hands,
You touch hands of Grace.

As fearlessness drives your will to strive,
A card dealt by demons sets you straight
To look into impatient eyes
And a heart that fails escape.

But, adversity to advantage you seek.
Weeping at the losses that pose you weak,
But only to set eyes on change
What once was a downfall
Has now become a peak.


Who am I without you but be a heart without purpose?

Before you, I knew not what security felt like.
Before you, I knew not what love looked like.
Before you, I knew not what real commitment was.

Now, I cannot love you less.

I see more than a 5 year plan.

Instagram Lessons

I could not relate more than ever. 

We work hard for love because all great love stories are worked for, selfless, unconditional, patient, and kind. 

As I’ve gotten to know the one I love – with each passing day, I am becoming more willing than the last day to pursue everything that is good and beautiful about our relationship. 

It has been worth it. 

He doesn’t have to like or love everything about me, but despite that…

He still loves me anyway and I love him just as much.