A Tale As Old As Time

Once upon a time, I was taken for granted.

The end.


Never Enough

I am not your past.
I may or may not be your future.

But, I am your present, so please at least treat me like I am within your presence.

I hurt because for every moment I express to want to be treated like my feelings mean something to, I feel like I am pushed 10 steps back.

How do I learn to feel secure?
How do I learn to fight my own insecurities?
How do I grow from this?

If I am not enough physically, mentally, aesthetically, wholistically…

Why did open up even the possibility?

I don’t feel like enough.

And, I don’t feel like I’ll ever be.


I think that my feelings deserve a little more consideration, sometimes. 

That is all.

A simple girl has but only simple requests. 

Out Of My Element

I am out of my element and I have to adjust.

But just do not be surprised when I talk less and find myself more distant than usual because it is just a part of the process and I do not think you will understand.

In layman’s terms…

I am feeling the introvert come out of me.

Isn’t that some irony?

“Lullaby Lies”

A mad soliloquy
Dances idly
Sending shivers
Sending silence
In a train on an island

Noses poking
Ears soaking
Sounds of words
Reaped by a heart broken

Dying light
Shaded sight
Absinthe colored gleaming night
Reddened eyes with surprise
Lullabies laid over sweet lies