“A Loss for Words”

At a loss for words
For the lost in turns
What our hands once held
And in our hearts once burned

Oh, how the seasons have changed
It hurts to see the souls crying
In a season that is cold
And the earth dying

How empty are the tombs
Where our memories are left
The void feels so heavy
A goodbye, A grand theft

But in the darkness of the night
Comes but the still silence and pause
You continue to be a light
And for this I write words with beauty and cause

I am at a loss for words
When at lost in turns
Forgive my aching heart
As it yearns, it yearns

I am at a loss for words
When at lost in turns
Forgive my stomach
As it churns, it churns

Until the moment the skies part their clouds
The shade stands still and tears steadily flow
Words will be spoken so tenderly
And our love for you will be known

This poem is written in memory of my uncle, Boying Mercado.

No loss comes easy, especially during a season where a feeling of completeness and joy within in a family should be present. A loss hinders a bit of the holiday spirit. Seeing my cousin and aunt mourn over a still body of what once was a husband, a father, a friend, an uncle, and a grandfather breaks my heart. It has been a while since a close, immediate family family has passed and it brings back memories of losing grandparents in the past and/or friends. A loss is just never easy. There’s no equal amount of pain that one feels because each is very different but, all-in-all, it hurts like hell.

May my uncle be in peace, God bless his heart.


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