“Just Maybe”

Maybe he’ll say ‘hello’ or ‘hi’.
Maybe he’ll hurt with every goodbye.
Maybe he’ll call me.
And maybe he won’t…

But cosmically, none of this matters
If he does or he don’t.

Picking up poetry from Tumblr. Reposting here so that I can transfer it over and have one less forum to worry about since I just added Twitter to the plate, again. Kind of excited to be instantaneously posting poetry on-the-go, though! Looking forward to sharing my deepest thoughts with you in real time, soon.


So about this poem, not sure when I wrote it but can you tell, there’s a little heartache there? I guess I have gone through my fair share and enough of the experience to have writing about it, lol. Here’s a bit of a piece where there are dueling emotions regarding getting attention from someone. At the end of this poem, the subject just decides it doesn’t matter. Or maybe that it shouldn’t? Wondering so deep about the feelings of someone else; well, when in doubt, get out. That’s the best bet in saving one from a grueling heartache of uncertainties, etc. I like that I wrote this poem to rhyme the way it does. Pat on the back for me. Hope you all like this one. It’s just short and sweet. 


More reposts from Tumblr, coming soon! 


“From Dark to Light”

Listening to a minder wander silently
Through a deep serenade of anxiety
Spiraling madly into a chaos so dark
Feeling so lost and left in satiety

Creating hope like speckled spots
A light in the dim and dark lots
Deeply tracing pessimism
Filling void after void with good thoughts

Coming out of a battle within
Balanced like a yang to a yin
Engulfed by good and soaring high
And this is where happiness begins

Thoughts: Jazz, Unrequited Love, & Then Some

Nina says, “Don’t be the girl that gets the “run around” from any man.”

My deep fondness for jazz has grown so much in the last 4 years and I have collectively found artists like Nina Simone to fall in love with. Lately, I’ve been listening to records by amazing female artists; besides Nina Simone, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald just to name a few. Meanwhile, also rediscovering some funk and soul from artists like Minnie Riperton and Gladys Knight & The Pips. Going back into time and feels with these, right? I’m an old soul, I can’t help it.

Now, about this song…

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Note to Self: Always Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Recognize the guidance that guides you through the trials of your life. Whether it be a significant person or a major event, acknowledge the power of their presence and teaching. – SC

As I sit here completing yet another Nursing Process Worksheet, I could not help but look back at the 3 years I spent in the Philippines in pursuit of my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Now, it did not exactly turn out as I expected it too but so many positive things came out of that experience.

As I sit here in all of my nostalgia, I cannot help but think of the many things studying under the professors in the Philippines had helped me achieve; much of what I was taught by them has helped me in my experience and learning now. From nursing care plans to drug studies, the professors I was able to learn under in the Philippines helped shape me into a model student. For example, I have been commended for the detail of my nursing care plans. Well, I can only humbly say that if it weren’t for my professors in the Philippines and their exceptional teaching, I would not have such great work to reflect what I was taught so well. So, I thank you professors!

Many people like to ask me what it was like studying in a nursing program in the Philippines. Some people like to think that it wasn’t as good as a nursing program here or others like to think that it’s much the same; I would like to think that it were unique in its own ways. Overall, from my own experience, studying in a nursing program in the Philippines was very challenging. We were not given “study guides” to review for exams. Yes, we would have powerpoints, but they were not always given to us ahead of time. We were expected to read way ahead of class/lecture. We took responsibility for everything that we learned and most importantly, our own grades. Learning in the Philippines allowed me to focus on better study habits and critical thinking skills. So, as they say, “Everything happens for a reason”, I would like to believe that studying abroad in the Philippines was to help me learn more about myself as a student and the challenges I could accept, face, and achieve. Nursing isn’t easy and it definitely wasn’t made easy in the Philippines. The challenges there have helped me with the challenges here in a U.S. nursing program; I was better prepared.

My point here was to address my extreme gratitude for the professors that had taught me in the Philippines. Again, thank you so much for all of your guidance in a tough program and career. I am eternally grateful!

“A Loss for Words”

At a loss for words
For the lost in turns
What our hands once held
And in our hearts once burned

Oh, how the seasons have changed
It hurts to see the souls crying
In a season that is cold
And the earth dying

How empty are the tombs
Where our memories are left
The void feels so heavy
A goodbye, A grand theft

But in the darkness of the night
Comes but the still silence and pause
You continue to be a light
And for this I write words with beauty and cause

I am at a loss for words
When at lost in turns
Forgive my aching heart
As it yearns, it yearns

I am at a loss for words
When at lost in turns
Forgive my stomach
As it churns, it churns

Until the moment the skies part their clouds
The shade stands still and tears steadily flow
Words will be spoken so tenderly
And our love for you will be known

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