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Currently curating my Soundcloud.

If you are interested to peep the playlists that are currently public, drop in there and have an eargasm or two.

Find the link right here, Seerakamiru on Soundcloud.


Need Some Flavor for Your Thanksgiving?

MF Doom – Doomsday

MF Doom got that sauce for you.

You. Are. Welcome.

Give thanks to your blessings. Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll! Hope your day is filled with family, happiness, and good energy.

Soundcloud: Cardboard Samurai – Mental Health


Soundcloud: Young Hearts (Axero Remix) – Bunt


Go ahead, dance it out.


Day in the Life with Huxley: “What a Little Rascal”

It’s 4:33 a.m. What’s that smell? Oh you know, good old Huxley heaps of shat. My dog dislikes me greatly for not taking it out as much as I normally do, today. And, he definitely knows how to express it. Hmmm, thanks Huxley.

He’s shat on my carpet twice and peed on it once, this evening. Just cleaned his 2nd shat in case you were wondering. He has also been chewing up a lot of things at home.¬†Earlier today, he¬†chewed up my leather camera bag’s strap, dammit.

Fact, having a dog is really like having a child and as much as you think you are prepared, you never really are.

Well, my friend advised me to use bitter sprays made for cats and dogs to keep him from chewing things. I am highly considering that advice and getting one tomorrow! And now, looks like I’ve got to potty train Huxley a little bit better indoors; probably going to get him some indoor pads and train him to use those.

He’s been so spoiled since I adopted him.

Now, it’s time for some discipline.


Unraveling Hate & Coming Undone

I think it’s fair to say that I have had my fair share of grief in the last few days trying to cope with the utter shock of Donald Trump becoming our president-elect. In the last few days, I denied it, I was angry, I bargained, I was depressed; Kubler-Ross’ stages of grief did not entirely prepare me for this. As I come to the edge of my depression and sadness, I still cannot seem to fathom accepting that it will be okay to watch children grow in a country that is so divided, full of ignorance and hate.

I want to learn to accept, but I know it will take time.

As everyone is entitled to their opinion, these are very much my own and I hope that you may respect that…

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Mine – Beyonce ft. Drake