Break Bread


Break Bread Art Installation
By Scott Hove & Baker’s Son
Think Tank Gallery, DTLA

This exhibit is very dope and very free.

I thought it would be a little bit bigger, to be honest, but for the detail in all the work – it was amazing. I think I enjoyed Baker’s Son (Keith Magruder) work the most. His watercolor art depicting his childhood and culture were beyond amazing. The amount of detail in each of his pieces is remarkable. The color to each, just as phenomenal. I really enjoyed his work.

As for the “cake maze”, it was not as I imagined it. I thought this portion of the exhibit would be longer/larger. It consisted of a mirror maze  (fun house like) that leads to the room with the “cakes”. A lot of Scott Hove’s other pieces of work were just as detailed as the cake and very held some dark imagery. I liked the darkness in each of them – each sharp aspect, whether it be teeth or horns.

If you are looking for something to do during the week, peep this art installation! It’s open 11-4p on weekdays/weekends (not sure of days, but I went on a Tuesday). It was not as packed when I had gone, but I do know that the weekends were sold out of reservations so I am not too sure how many people would attend the weekend hours. Best bet, go on a weekday! There’s parking all throughout Maple and the cheapest is $8. If you are in that area and are looking to make the most of it, The Broad and MOCA are close by too and those are free as well. Why not make it a museum/art day?


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