“The Universe That Is You”

Constantly forming constellations in my mind
Of all the dreams you are to me

But, nothing else follows.

I am just a dreamer in love with the universe that is you;

Connection of beautiful stars,
Collection of matter beyond words,
A system only glimpsed by human discovery.

There is but so much more.

Have you ever just explored the feelings you had for someone, trying to connect all the dots, all the reasons, for how your feelings came about? Trying to fathom what it is that makes the person you love so clear in your mind everything you had ever wanted? Obviously not a perfect image, you tell yourself, but it comes so close that it feels like a dream and it feels as if there is nothing more than just them – simply just them. You come to realize that they are too complex of an idea to limit to words, that they are just infinite and not one absolute form of measurement can comply to make everything that is abstract about them be seen and felt by anyone else. It is a unique thing, this feeling and this way to love someone. It can be nauseating and it will permeate throughout you like a sickness, but one that you just cannot see yourself experiencing any other way. You enjoy it and you let it overcome you. I love that I can feel this way and be swayed by emotions so gallantly, even when they aren’t physically in my presence. Man, that is a love that goes beyond scripts. I don’t know how else to explain myself any further…


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