IG mention: @thearielviera


Long time friend, east coast native, Ariel Viera has really great taste in food and books.

He actually has really great taste in all things pop culture or culture period. I am so sad that you won’t ever get to experience his awesome song reviews/explications he used to write on his Tumblr, Uncharted Lust. They were the best.

Well, he hasn’t begun making a list of books every month, but I am sure he will get around to my request (as you can see above on Instagram). Here are just some of the few I had to screenshot to remember and I am dying to get my hands on reading next after I finish reading Between the World and Me and Modern Romance.

P.S. Do read Between the World and Me and Modern Romance. They both are quite good. Between the World and Me is definitely “required reading”. It is essential in the time we are living in so that one may understand the truth behind the social stigma of black people and black culture. I will write about it soon for I am about to finish it. Although it is a short read, to comprehend the content Ta-Nehisi Coates writes about takes quite the level of attention. Modern Romance, on the other hand, is not so much as required but makes great for understanding better the quarrels of dating in a technologically driven world. It is a comical book by Aziz Ansari that is backed up with extensive research and quotes of really educated psychologists and what not that I do not remember the names of – just that they have Ph. D’s and know what they are talking about. The book sells, so take it from me and Barnes and Noble that it’s a good book.


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