Happy 11th Birthday, Erin!

Family is where the heart is, no doubt.

My family undoubtedly keeps me grounded.

Time and time again, they are the truest, most pure joy in my life. We each have had our struggles and have each been a pain every so often to one another, but through and through blood remains to be thicker than water.

These kids who are growing so fast are my idols. They may look at me as their role model, but they do much more modeling of roles for me than I think I do or have done for them. They have given me my youth back and have given me a positive outlook over all the bad things this world. These children, and many of their generation, are a light to our world. They will be the future carrying the torch in change for the world. I am so proud to have these little ones be a part of my life, impacting it greatly. I could not have better little cousins than these.


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