Art: The Fountain, 1992


The Fountain, 1992
Woodcut, etching, aquatint, relief, drypoint, collage, and airbrush
Artist proof
Printed and published by Tyler Graphics Ltd.,
Mount Kisco, New York

My favorite from The Whitney Museum of American Art, NY.

A sixty-seven color print “executed at mural scale”. From Stella’s Moby Dick series. This print – “abstract forms suggest movement, mass, and mystery”.

Movement, mass, and mystery…

Sounds a lot like my life right now.

Movement. I am always on the go. Time waits for no one. I wait not for time to slow down, I must keep up. And, to keep up, I must move. Run to one place to another. Not hurrying, in no rush, but in the sense that I know I have priorities and they have to be set and get done. Movement. I must move my life across all spectrum – the good, the bad, the ugly. I have learned that to keep myself in one place for a length of time does me no good. To move, I must make moves and to move, I must set tasks, set goals, repeat, and achieve.

Mass. I am a fundamental property of matter. My life is full of volume. The volume I would like to describe are my emotions, my feelings, my actions; everything that I encompass in my character, my personality, the things that I say or the things that I do. Everything that I am as a whole is my mass. I carry the weight of who I am and I grow from that. It gets heavier or lighter depending on what I choose to do or be in my life, and depending on what type of choices I make, good or bad. My mass is no burden.

Mystery. I cannot foretell the future. My life is full of surprises. I have accepted that plenty of things that happen in my life are entirely out of my control. And, that is okay. It has to be okay. If I cannot be okay with the mysteries, I cannot have any movement and my mass will become too heavy for me to carry. To accept and acknowledge the mysteries in life is to understand and adapt necessarily, thus growth becomes natural, comfortable, and I will always be readily prepared for the change. Mysteries allow me to be open-minded, optimistic, adventurous, and patient.


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