New York, New York

New York was everything and more.

New York was…

Breath taking views of a city.
So much life.
So much diversity.
So much of everything.
Everything art.
Everything food.

 Strangers on moving trains.
Heads in books.
Hands on bags.
With significant others.
With their children.
With their coworkers.
An underground community of its own.

Layers of coats, sweaters, button ups, and tights.
An attire made for each forecast of the day.
Clothed to bear the chill of the wind.
Clothed to enjoy walks to bars for friends and drinks.

A concrete jungle, indeed.
Old buildings and high rises.
Architecture that makes me swoon.
A cityscape that breeds romance and adventure.

A collision of art.
Museums, too many to name.
So many to get lost in.
Van Gogh paintings.
Ribes’ wardrobe.
Contemporary and abstract.
Photographs and the digital age.

A food critic’s dream.
“Thank you Cho” nights.
Thai food for the soul.
Dim sum for days.
A Heath Ledger spot.
Bars for every occasion.
From Brooklyn to LES to the Bowery.
All feeding my heart to love the city more.

Friendships revived, renewed, refreshed.
Untouched by time and space.
People from a golden age I cannot forget.
Connections made.
New friends.

New York was a breath of fresh air. It was an absolute adventure that I took very spontaneously and have no regret in doing. Everything about it was perfect. Maybe it was the spontaneity that made it exciting? Maybe it was the company that I had throughout the whole trip that made it so worth it? Maybe it was a little of all of that and my independence, my hunger to feel alive. I think I accomplished that. I very much needed the time to myself to reflect on this new year ahead of me, think of  what goals to set and what distractions to be rid of. We all need moments like this and some of us are just afraid to do it. We always talk about being more adventurous, yet never pursue the good venture before us. But, yet, here I was. I did it. And, I am so glad that I did. What a way to start the new year.



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