Boston, MA

A city with a heart of history.

To continue my spree of sp0ntaneity, I took a day trip to Boston, Massachusetts on January 5th.


One 4-hour bus ride there and back, everything in between it was like stepping into a history book from grade school. From the U.S.S. Constitution to Bunker Hill to the Boston Tea Party Ships and Faneuil Hall – everything that you could learn about where our country made some of its birth, it comes from this profound city. It had a life of its own very different from cities I have seen so far. Quite nothing like New York. It was cleaner, calmer, and majestic in its own way. I have yet to see the rest of it such as Fenway Park or the original Cheers Bar, but from what I did get to see and experience, it was lovely. For a day trip, it was very much worth it.


P.S. Don’t do fish tacos in Boston. They’re so tiny. Really good, but so tiny. At least it was Taco Tuesday we went, but still. As a person from Southern California, no one will have Mexican food or sushi quite like we do. BUT, do Mike’s Pastry in North Boston off of Hanover St. They are known for their cannoli. But, next time, I would definitely try a little bit of everything! Their Boston crème pie was a delight too.


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