Snow Days Off (Pt. 2)

Brother, boards, and blizzards.

Early morning boarding would have been the right decision to make this morning. By the afternoon, the snow fall really picked up. We got about 5 runs in today, but by 4p the visibility going down slopes was absolutely poor. There was no way to really enjoy a good rip down the mountain with the way the weather conditions were.

On a positive note though, my brother’s first time snowboarding was a real success. I am glad to say that I paved the way to his many life long, future snow boarding adventures. He said he enjoyed it a lot! He really got the hang of it by his second run, so I am really proud of him. He’s a freaking trooper, man. He was just way too down. And now, this just reminds me how much of a best friend he is to me. This blood is way thicker than water. I can’t wait to share more moments like this with him. First introduced him to sushi when he was younger, and we do sushi dates all the time. Now, this? Oh yes, this sibling bond just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Lastly, made some really awesome acquaintances since I have been up here. The snowboard shop we rented gear from is just the best. Their customer service was awesome, and not to mention the guy Zach that works there. He’s just a down to earth dude with so much energy. I realized that people in small towns like this one either are really, really nice or a bit mean. Zach was in the “really, really nice” category. Going down a few runs today made other friends with a few riders, many of which kept checking on me to see if I was okay because I’d ride to the side and wait on my brother to make it down and meet me. A guy named, Atlas (I kid you not, that was his name), sat with me and waited. He just told me a few jokes and we exchanged little bits of info about each other. He was just really cool. I am so glad that people like Zach and Atlas exist – people that are so helpful and kind, approachable and conversational. I get along with people really well, so they just vibed with me on that level. It was nice.

The rest of the day was pretty much dictated by the weather. Super, duper cold. It was difficult getting anywhere, so my family stayed in for the rest of the day. Weather conditions should be getting better as we leave so, there’s still plenty of time to do sight seeing and what not. We are all really just enjoying everything. As much as we did not expect the heavy snow fall, we are all enjoying it and enjoying it amongst the company of each other. I could not as for  more of a happy way to spend Christmas.



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